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ASP, PHP, CGI, JavaScript and Perl scripts directory and resource.

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New Scripts
BPGames - Game Directory Site  	BPGames - Game Directory Site  :: 23 Nov 2014
BPGames is a ready for use web directory of games providing games and information about games, dice games, Murder Mystery Games, Video Games and more. The site is available for users in four different...
Coming Soon Mini Template 04 AS3 Coming Soon Mini Template 04 AS3 :: 23 Nov 2014
This is an website placeholder mini template, xml driven and resizable. It has two basic sections: the about module with html description and a contact module where people can reach you. The d...
Website Directory Script Website Directory Script :: 23 Nov 2014
Website Directory script based on PHP with unmilited level of category. Featured website, google ad supported, payment module enabled. RSS feeds are available to publish website information us...
Multiple files uploader - Ultimate Uploader Multiple files uploader - Ultimate Uploader :: 23 Nov 2014
Ultimate Uploader - powerful multiple file and image upload control that allow to upload multiple files with advanced support of upload photos. Its main advantage is uploading by chunks -therefore unl...
Horizontal Image Accordion Menu Horizontal Image Accordion Menu :: 23 Nov 2014
This file answers all your accordion needs ! Besides the regular accordion features, it has an auto-play setting that allows it to act like a slick ad banner rotator. The file is fully resizable, y...
Book My Rooms Book My Rooms :: 22 Nov 2014
Book My Rooms is an online based service which provides you with a remotely hosted booking engine for your website. Follow a simple 3-step process and you will have your own powerful room booking engi...
Universal Full Template with Shop CMS and 2 Skins Universal Full Template with Shop CMS and 2 Skins :: 21 Nov 2014
Hello everyone and welcome to another truly amazing full website template by Oxylus Flash. We'll start off by clearly stating that this is one of the most flexible, feature rich, complex and (funn...
Web file manager HTTP Commander Web file manager HTTP Commander :: 21 Nov 2014
HTTP Commander Web based file manager. With HTTP Commander you can easy provide online access for your colleagues or clients to files stored on your web site or intranet network. HTTP Commander assi...
Coming Soon Mini Template 03 AS3 Coming Soon Mini Template 03 AS3 :: 21 Nov 2014
This is an website placeholder mini template, xml driven and resizable. It has four simple modules: the about module with html description and social links, a basic photo gallery where you can sho...
True 3D Flip Book with CMS AS3 01 True 3D Flip Book with CMS AS3 01 :: 21 Nov 2014
This is a true 3D Flip Book built with Papervision 3D and the as3dmod library. It implements realistic page bending and rotation. It is fully featured and the package includes our wonderful Content Ma...


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